Dog Training for New Parents

Are you an expectant parent? Are you concerned about how your fur baby will react to an actual baby? If so, you’re in the right place. Canine Trade Group trainers are renowned for their ability to solve any canine behavioral problem, no matter the dog’s age, size, breed, or temperament.

But the best way to keep a behavioral problem at bay is to stop it before it starts, which is what Cribs & Canines is designed to do.

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Why Cribs & Canines?

As a Cribs & Canines client, you’ll receive one-on-one attention from a certified in-home trainer in your area. We’ll evaluate your dog(s) during an in-home, no-obligation consultation and get to the root of any current behavioral problems. We’ll design a training plan around your dog’s specific needs, and if you approve the training regimen, we’ll get started. At the same time your dog is learning how to focus on and listen to you, you’ll be learning how to better communicate with him/her. We’ll also teach you valuable skills that will help you deter any future behavioral problems, ideally without the need for a trainer.

All of Canine Trade Groups’ training programs are commitment-based, which means we stay by your side until your dog is fully trained. Even after the training is complete and you aren’t receiving home visits any longer, we stay available to you through phone and e-mail to answer any questions that may arise.

Dog Training for New Parents

Our trainers have helped hundreds of clients curb their dogs’ aggression, anxiety, poor greeting behavior, leash pulling, etc. We can help you prepare your dog for baby’s arrival by using tried and true techniques that teach necessary boundaries around your new bundle of joy. Common problems between dog and baby include the dog playing with new baby’s toys, refusing to give new baby his/her space, leash pulling while the parents are trying to juggle dog-walking as well as the new baby, jumping on the parents while they’re holding the baby, and, in worst-case scenarios, jealousy and aggression can become an issue.

Give Canine Trade Group a call today. Whether you have a baby on the way, or you have a newborn and are already experiencing some of these problems, Canine Trade Group can help. We can be reached by telephone at 800.649.7297 or via e-mail.


Office Hours:

Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST.

Training Hours:

Weekdays, Weeknights & Weekends by appointment only. 

We accept cash, check or credit cards. 

All of our trainers are certified by Canine Trade Group – School for Professional Dog Trainers.