About Cribs & Canines

About Cribs & Canines 

Dog Training for New Parents

One of the biggest life decisions a person can make is bringing a new family member into the home, be it a new baby, a new dog, or both! Through the Cribs and Canines Expectant Parent dog training program, parents/dog owners can secure a safe, anxiety-free life for their ENTIRE family!

Training Keeps Families Happy & Safe

When introducing a dog to a new baby, we want to ensure that first meeting and transition goes as smoothly as possible! Even if your dog is well-behaved already, the major changes a new baby brings into the home could have a deep effect on the dog. We want to make sure that effect is a positive one, not one that causes problematic behavior from the dog, such as severe anxiety, destruction, or aggression.

Cribs and Canines is about teaching dogs how to prepare and behave for a new baby. Our program includes the following features:

  • Making sure there are no obedience issues both before and after the birth, such as jumping, nipping, no recall to commands, aggressive play, destructive behavior, territorial aggression, and so forth.
  • Specific preparation skills for the dog, like walking calmly along with the stroller, good behavior and impulse control when the owner/parent holds the baby (or focuses all attention on the baby), gentle manners and respect of the baby’s natural boundaries, etc.
  • Teaching the new parents to create a consistent environment for the dog before the baby arrives, and also showing them how to maintain that environment come the big day, so that the dog will eventually feel like the baby has been there along!

Don’t Hesitate, Get Started Now!

If you just recently had a baby and are already noticing concerning changes in your dog, we can still help you! We will make sure we create a safe environment for you and your baby, while also setting the dog up for successful situations, where he/she can learn to behave and be rewarded.

Through our experience, we have not found a need to introduce tapes of baby sounds or put things in the dog’s bed that smell like the baby, as if those were the only solutions. With the Cribs and Canines Expectant Parent training program, we will make it our goal to create an easy adjustment for the dog when the newborn baby arrives, and to bring safety and happiness into the home!